Who We Help

The Project works with people from all walks of life—young or old, single, married or divorced, students, workers, the retired or unemployed, immigrants or citizens—to pair them with a volunteer lawyer who will help them resolve civil legal issues.

Do you have any of these problems?

  • Are you in credit card debt? About to default on your student loans? Do you need to file for bankruptcy? Have you been denied insurance?
  • Do you want to recover unpaid wages? 
  • Has your private landlord kept your deposit or illegally locked you out of your home, or do you have other housing disputes with your private landlord?
  • Do you need a will to ensure that after death your belongings go to the right person? 
  • Do you need to clear title to your real estate or need a succession? 
  • Have your Medicaid or Medicare benefits been discontinued without cause? Do you have other health insurance benefit problems? 
  • Are you a senior or disabled and battling for SSI or Social Security disability benefits?
  • Did you suffer an economic loss due to the BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill? Did you suffer medically from the oil spill disaster?
  • Have you been separated for at least a year and are in need of a divorce? 

The Project accepts only clients who meet federal income and asset eligibility requirements. Cases are screened for legal merit and selected based on our volunteers' talent and time availability. Our How to Get Help page provides complete information about income eligibility and walks you through the process for requesting The Pro Bono Project's help.

The Project does not accept emergencies, criminal cases, or civil cases that are fee-generating. If your case is one The Pro Bono Project cannot accept, please visit our Clinics or Self-Help Resource Center pages for referral sources.