Cy Pres & Residual Fund Awards

Improving Access to Justice


Cy pres awards are residual funds in class action cases (and occasionally in other types of proceedings like bankruptcy and probate matters) that, for any number of reasons, are unclaimed or cannot be distributed to the class members or beneficiaries who were the intended recipients. Under the cy pres doctrine and Louisiana law, courts can distribute these residual funds to appropriate charitable causes, and The Pro Bono Project and related initiatives are appropriate beneficiaries.

The Pro Bono Project’s mission of improving access to justice for those less fortunate makes it an ideal match for class action cy pres awards, as one underlying premise for all class actions is to make access to justice a reality for people who otherwise would not be able to obtain the protections of the court system. Cy pres awards have made possible a number of successful projects and initiatives over the past several years and enable The Pro Bono Project to provide ongoing support for these efforts.

To learn more about cy pres and residual fund awards, email Executive Director C.C. Kahr or contact her at 504.581.4043 Ext. 202.