Current Cases

If you are interested in a particular case, please contact Managing Attorney for Volunteer Engagement Kathleen Legendre at 504.581.4043 Ext. 207.

Updated as of 11/4/2016

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ADOPTION (Intra-family)    

Grandparents wish to adopt their grandson; father is incarcerated; mother’s whereabouts are unknown.  Case number: 16T-O45001063

Grandparents would like to adopt their grandson.  The childn’s mother is deceased and the father’s whereabouts are unknown.  Case number: 16T-O45001067  

Grandparents would like to adopt grandchild.  The mother and father consent.  Note, father is not on the birth certificate, but he signed acknowledgment of paternity.  Case number: 16T-O45001079


Client wants to file Chapter 7. Jefferson Parish (Westbank). Case number: 16-O45000928

Client wants to file Chapter 7. Jefferson Parish (Eastbank).  Case number: 16-O45001030

Client wants to file Chapter 7; Orleans Parish.  Case number: 16-O45000521

Client wants to file Chapter 7.  Orleans Parish.  Case number: 16-O45000818

Client wants to file Chapter 7. Orleans Parish.  Possible succession asset (denied by other relatives).  Case number: 16-O45000823

Credit card debt; may be eligible for food assistance - Client wants to file Chapter 7. Jefferson Parish (Westbank).  Case number: 16- O45000827

Credit card debt; asset investigation necessary (stocks from work; succession interest) - Client wants to file Chapter 7. Orleans Parish.  Case number:16-O45000868


Imagine having a major leak develop in your bedroom and your landlord refused to address the issue for months.  In addition to all the other deplorable conditions of the housing complex, you can no longer sleep in your bedroom, mold is growing, and you don’t have the money to hire someone to fix the problem so you can deduct it from your rent.  Our local legal aid organization was able to help these clients dissolve the lease and find a new home.  Unfortunately, legal aid was not able to complete the attenuating claims (furniture loss, return of security deposit, etc.).  They need our help.  

If you are interested in hearing more about this case opportunity, please let us know.  The case file has strong documentation of these events.  The legal aid attorney has also offered to remain as a contact for this case.  Case number: 16T-O45001087

Client is homeless and seeks reduction of child support based on changed circumstances. Jefferson Parish. Case number: 16-O45000433

Client thinks contributions for health insurance and daycare are not being taken into account. Client in Tangipahoa but case is in Jefferson Parish. Case number: 16-O45000621

Client wants reduction based on change in employment. Client in Jefferson, case in Orleans. Case number: 16-O45000619


Client pled guilty to single count of wire fraud and is being sued for a delinquent credit card amount of $243,477.04.  Orleans Parish. Case number: 16-O45001031

Client’s car repossessed, believes sale was for less than fair market value, and that creditor misapplied three payments totaling $2000+, which should have gone toward outstanding balance. Jefferson Parish. Case number: 16-O45000702

Client received notice from Department of Education in 2002 that her student loan was paid, but then started receiving notices last summer that over $4,000 was still owed. Seeks clarification and wants to avoid future offsets/garnishments. Orleans Parish. Case number: 16-O45000927


Client’s disabled husband’s insurance company is requiring she obtain legal guardianship to apply for long-term disability.  They already have a medical and legal power of attorney completed.  Assistance is needed with communicating this to insurance company and possibly filing in court.  Client is Vietnamese – has translator assisting her. Case number:16-O45000861


Client is seeking advice regarding current immigration status and possible representation in renewing green card or applying for citizenship.  Client has been in the US since 1984, and has obtained legal status as a Legal Permanent Resident, but her card expired in 2001. Client has three children who are US citizens, as well as her parents who obtained citizenship in 1997.  Client has past criminal issues that may affect her immigration status.  Case number: 16-O45000526  

Client is a 23 year old male from Guatemala seeking immigration relief possibly through asylum.  Client was a social worker in Guatemala.  He witnessed the murder of four people killed by hitmen hired by a political party because the deceased openly opposed the government. Client fled the scene and was shot at. Client was later targeted by the hitmen.  The hitmen threatened the client’s wife and child so the client surrendered himself to the hitmen.   Client then taken away to an unknown location by the hitmen. He escaped from the hitmen and fled into Mexico then crossed the border at or near McAllen, Texas in  June 2016. Client arrived in New Orleans in July 2016. Client has not been arrested nor detained by immigration at any point.  Case number: 16-O45000946

Client is from Honduras and is seeking immigration relief. Client was physically and sexually abused by her children’s father who she claims is an alcoholic and a drug abuser. Client says that her children’s father physically abused her and her children so much so that she feared for their lives as well as hers. Client left her two oldest children with their grandmother and aunt. Client took her youngest daughter with her and crossed the border at or near McAllen, Texas in June 2014. Soon thereafter she turned herself into DHS.  She has no pending immigration court dates.  Case number: 16-O45001013


Interdiction requested on mother who is near death.  Durable power of attorney.  Case Number: 16T-O45001070 

Interdiction proceedings on 19 year old son have been instituted by another volunteer attorney who is in need of a volunteer to step in and take their place.  The initial petition was filed October 4th and the son was served.  A motion is needed to have the Court to appoint an attorney to the son.  Please call today to help complete this client’s case – Case number: 16T-O45000590

Interdiction requested on severely autistic son who is now 19 years old.  Case number: 16T-O45001086


Nonprofit needs assistance with tax returns in order to apply for 501c3 status. Orleans Parish. Case number: 16-O45000700
PATERNITY & VISITATION    Client wants a paternity test and visitation to see his purported child. Orleans Parish. Case number: 16-045000516

Client would like to replace husband’s name on birth certificate with biological father.  Case number: 16-O45001102


47 year old client previously received SSI, was re-evaluated and terminated, has appealed timely so continues to draw benefits. Client experiences back problems, lung disease, bone spurs, rheumatoid arthritis and anxiety/panic. Orleans Parish. Case number: 16-O454000869

Client’s SSI payment changed. Jefferson Parish.  Case number: 16-O45001032

Client entered a settlement agreement with the US Dept of Justice regarding overpayment of Social Security funds.  They initially notified him that it would take 15% of his monthly payments.  Instead, the Social Security Administration took his entire monthly payment and intend to do so until the overypayment is repaid.  This is his only income and he is in desperate need to file an appeal.  Mentors are available to assist you with this case.  Case number: 16-O4500819


Client wants advice as to rights as beneficiary of a trust. Jefferson Parish. Case number: 16-O45000073


Client was hired as handy-man and agent-on-site for small apartment complex, one invoice paid, owed about $1000. Orleans Parish. Case number: 16-O45000533 

Client owed for last paycheck, demand made and suit filed in CDC for state and federal wage violations, then volunteer discovered a conflict. Suit in Orleans. Case number: 15T-O45001451

Client is seeking wages from two separate staffing services equating to a figure around $475. Client is not a legal U.S. citizen. Orleans Parish. Case number: 16-O45001019

Client is an independent contractor and seeking wages for last days of employment.  The employer said there was a 6 week waiting period, but that time has come and gone.  A volunteer attorney was appointed to this case, but has had to leave the state.  They are happy to assist you if you are willing to step-in and assist this client – Case number: 16-O45000416

16T-O45000907—78 year old client wants a will. Orleans Parish.

16T-O45000906—79 year old client wants a will. Orleans Parish.

16T-O45000980 – 58 year old client is looking for power of attorney. Orleans Parish.

16T-O45000981 – 73 year old client wants a will drafted.  Jefferson Parish. 

16T-O45000984 – 69 year old client trying to get Power of Attorney after sister’s death. Orleans Parish.

16T-O45000983 – 71 year old client wants a will. Jefferson Parish.

16T-045000985 – 68 year old client wants a will. Orleans Parish.

16T-O45001083 – 75 year old client wants a will. Jefferson Parish

16T-O45001082 – 48 year old clients wants a will.  Orleans Parish. 

16T-O45001081 – 56 year old client wants a will. Orleans Parish.

16T-O45001072 – Orleans Parish, 52 year old - Client would like Power of Attorney for his sister.