The Pro Bono Project brings people together

If you have been overwhelmed by debt, caught in an unhappy marriage, unable to reclaim your home after a devastating storm, or denied Social Security benefits or earned wages—your only solution is often a legal one. 

But if you can’t afford or don’t know how to find a lawyer willing to help you with a civil legal issue, who comes to your rescue?


The Pro Bono Project exists to ensure that all underserved citizens of six local Louisiana parishes can find lawyers willing to donate time and civil legal experience to help them resolve civil legal problems.

The Pro Bono Project helps low-income families, individuals, and the elderly in need gain access to lawyers who can help them resolve civil legal issues. These issues range from family law matters like divorces, custody agreements, name changes, and adoptions; to property questions related to successions and estate planning, proof of title, contractor litigation, and consumer complaints; to debt issues, and much more.

The Pro Bono Project’s clients need civil representation but can’t afford it. Lawyers in the six-parish area surrounding New Orleans who consider it their professional responsibility to serve their communities need a way to identify and screen pro bono clients. 

A Snapshot

Since our founding in 1986, The Pro Bono Project opened doors for many Louisianans in need of legal representation. Last year’s snapshot underscores how important The Pro Bono Project is to our community.