From My Perspective: A Law Professor Creates Her Own Domestic 'Peace Corps' Volunteering At The Pro Bono Project

In the Spring of 2008, Professor Susan Waysdorf of the University of the District of Columbia (UDC), David A. Clarke School of Law took a six month sabbatical to work at The Pro Bono Project.

She had come on several previous trips with UDC law students prior to this time and felt called to devote more time, expertise and effort to helping The Project rebuild the lives of the many underserved residents of this community. Displaced by Katrina, they were in desperate need of pro bono civil legal services to return home, a fact that became more evident as time passed.

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Law Students To The Rescue

Some of the ‘first responders’ to arrive in New Orleans to help The Pro Bono Project were law students. Among the many law schools who sent students and professors early on to support The Project in rebuilding were the University Of North Carolina (UNC) and the University of the District of Columbia (UDC). UNC was the first to arrive thanks to one young man, Tim Goodson, who was a native New Orleanian and had worked at The Project as an intern in 2003 – his first year in Law School. Tim, who now resides in San Francisco, shared his thoughts about the first trip down. By the way, Tim’s parents are still in New Orleans and so he does come home often – the last time for 2015 French Quarter Fest.

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