Volunteer Recognition Awards: Class of 2016

Congratulations to all of our 2016 award recipients. Many thanks to our CLE panel for their informative presentation, to Jones Walker for hosting this year's event, to all those who took the time to attend, and to the many individuals who captured the moments throughout the evening for our photo gallery.

Each year we pay tribute to the lawyers, judges and courts, law schools and their students, other institutions and organizations, as well as other professionals and lay persons who give of their time, talent and financial support to help The Pro Bono Project continue to fulfill its mission of providing civil legal services to those in need.

While we find ways throughout the year to recognize individual volunteers, this is where we acknowledge our volunteers as a group for the collective work they have done over the course of the year.

While we make every effort to include all the names of those who have provided pro bono services during the year - this is by no means a complete list - our acknowledgement and appreciation encompasses our pro bono champions en masse.

Thank you for helping us open the doors to access justice for thousands of people in the six-parish area we serve.

2016 Award Recipients

Gennusa Logo_Nov 2016.jpg

Pro Bono Law Firm of The Year: Gennusa, Piacun & Ruli

Since 2012, Jeff Gennusa has been accepting succession cases from The Pro Bono Project while working at the firm of Gennusa, Piacun, & Ruli – a firm which specializes in personal injury, medical malpractice, and products liability.

Far from his daily course of work, Jeff’s succession case matters had him working closely with staff attorney Chris Coty and then with Ona E. Dudonis, who recently moved to the country of Georgia. 

Although our colleague Ona could not be here today, she left behind a special note for us to recognize the significant contribution Jeff made on a case this past year.  She said it turned into a most challenging case, but that Jeff stayed with it until the end and would take another case without a second thought. 

It is with great gratitude and appreciation that we thank the firm of Gennusa, Piacun & Ruli and Jeff Gennusa for their ongoing support and great efforts for this great cause.    


Pro Bono Law Student

Michael Kasper, Loyola University College of Law

Pro Bono Paralegal

Monica E. Slayton-Clarke


100+ Hours of Pro Bono Service

Stuart Anderson

Luisa Batista

Janie Boneta

Christopher Coty

Raul de la Heria

Nathan Evans

Samantha Fox

Jonah Freedman

Michael Kasper

Carole C. Neff

Miranda Shaughnessy

Rachel Silvers

Tyler Trew


2016 Honor Roll

 Jenny Abshier

 Elizabeth Adams

 Mary Akin

 Joseph G. Albe

 Nan Alessandra

 Brittany Alexander

 David Andrew

 Phillip Antis

 Halcyon Apy

 Anna Arkin-Gallagher

 Nadege Assale

 Dara Baird

 Virginia Baker

 Dawn Balash

 Elizabeth Bane

 Armando Baralt

 Jacqueline Barber

 Mari Bartholomew

 Harvey Bartlett

 Harry Barton

 Victoria Baudier

 Ryan Beasley

 Kristin Beckman

 Henry Bennett

 Jessie Benson

 Melissa Berniard

 Sanat Bhole

 Jason Bilbe

 Cristin Bordelon

 Caroline Bordelon

 Allen Borne

 Justin Boron

 Kim Boudreaux

 Nancy S. Bousfield

 Joseph Bowling

 Joy Braun

 Daniel Brauner

 P. Michael Breeden

 Madelyn Breerwood

 Kyle Brennan

 Taylor Brett

 Darin Britt

 Laura Broders

 Maggie Broussard

 Scott Brown

 Stephen P. Bruno

 Camille Bryant

 Lauren Burk

 Malvern Burnett

 Michael Cangelosi

 Linton Carney

 Thomas Casey

 John P. Cerise

 Joseph Cerise

 Stacey Cerrone

 Michelle Charles

 Lindsey Cheek

 Joseph Ching

 Tulio Chirinos

 Lindsey Chopin

 David Clay

 Kendra Comiskey

 Eva Conner

 Christine Cousin

 Keith Couture

 Caroline Crosby

 Guy Curry

 Chelsea Cusimano

 Danielle Davenport

 Brandon Davis

 Leonard Davis

 Ava De Montagne

 Erin Dearie

 Katherine Dearing

 Nancy Scott Degan

 S. Guy deLaup

 Timothy Depaula

 Michael DeShazo

 Hanlon deVerges

 Caroline Dolan

 Donald Dorenkamp

 Jason Douglas

 F Joseph Drolla

 Vallie Dugas

 Kurt Duncan

 Dennis Durocher

 Ann Duvic

 Emily Eagan

 Barbara Edin

 Nicole Eichberger

 John Ellis

 Robert C. Evans

 Rosemarie Falcone

 Sarah Faris

 April Farmer

 Paula Ferreira

 Gissel Ferriol

 Charles Fife

 Ezra Finkle

 Betsy Fischer

 Kacy Flaherty

 Samuel Ford

 Patrick Fraizer

 Krystin Frazier

 Kurt Garcia

 R. Justin Garon

 Wayne Garrett

 Terry Gay

 Jeff Gennusa

 Kathryn Geoffroy

 David Gernhauser

 Ginger Gibbs













Solomon Group Logo_Nov 2016.jpg

Pro Bono Corporate Partner: Solomon Group

The Solomon Group, and its co-founder Gary Solomon, Jr., went above and beyond for us this year by generously donating their fabulous production services to The Project’s 28th annual Justice For All Ball.

Gary served as the Ball’s honorary co-chair and helped us to raise our fundraising profile by bringing in new donors.

The Solomon Group’s brilliant production team lent their creative talents to designing our invitations, tickets, décor, patron party and signage, and in doing so, brought this year’s Ball to a whole new level.

For their support and ingenuity, we are endlessly grateful.


Distinguished Service Awardees

William Cherbonnier, Jr.

2016 Friend of The Pro Bono Project

Bruce Boulware


Pamela Gibbs

Lauren Godshall

Cecile Gordon

Holly Gottschalk

Donald Graham

Michelle Greif

Avery Griffin

Steven Griffith

Yunkai Guo

Erin Haney

Pamela Hansen

Rebecca Harris

Michal Harris

C. Peck Hayne

Ashley Heilprin

Kristin Hendricks

Wendy Hickok Robinson

Ashley Hinton

Donovan Hobdy

Andrew Holdiness

Karen Holzenthal

Greg Hopkins

Allyson Howie

Joseph Hugg

D. Conrad Hultquist

Jamie Hurley

Meagan Impastato

Khalid Iqbal

Rachael Irlbeck

Gerald D. Issokson

Jane Jackson

Andrew Jacoby

Benjamin Janke

Rachael Jeanfreau

Andrea Jeanmarie, Esq.

Jordan Jeansonne

Alaraby Johnson

Brian Johnson

Kristin Jones

Victor Jones

Howard Kaplan

Kevin Katner

Shawn Kiefer

Henry Kinney

Louise Klaila

Douglas Kleeman

Lilli Kofer

John Kramer

Douglas Kraus

Robert Kutcher

Maurine Laborde

Travis LaBranche

Louis C. Lacour

Ayanna LaGrange

Kathleen Lambert

Susan Laporte

F. Latimer

Arthur Laugand

Pat Leblanc

Kailey LeBoeuf

Bernadette Lee

Jane Lee

Iriane Lee

Andrew Legrand

Grant Lehner

Annie Lemoine

Seth A. Levine

Sidney Lewis

Sihua Li

Yun Lin

Matthew Livaccari

Nadia Madary

James Maguire

Stacey Marcel

Caroline Marfy

Robert L. Marrero

Michael Martin

John A. Marzullo

Alyssa Maurice-Anderson

Leo McAloon

Jon McGill

Katie McKay

Don Mckinney

E. Martin Mcleod

Charlotte Meade

Andy Mendez

Edil Mendoza

Elizabeth Meneray

Daniel Miller

Michael, Jr. Moore

Lyndee Moore

Michele Morel

Scott Morgan

Ebony Morris

Lisa Munyon

Catherine Napolitano

Luana Naylor

Rongrong Ni

Samantha Nordstrom

Lori Noto

Nicole Oddo

Claire Ojeh

Felice Ortiz

Brian Page

Mariana Palladino

David Parnell

Oskar Perez

Kelly Perrier

Deidre Peterson

Sarah Pfeiffer

Sarah Phillips

Darryl Phillips

Baker_Donelson logo Nov 2016.jpg

Distinguished Donor: Jan Hayden & Baker Donelson

Baker Donelson has long been a pro bono supporter of The Project, and Jan Hayden is a former Project Board Chair.

But this year, both the firm and this distinguished shareholder went above and beyond in their support of our organization.

Serving as the Justice For All Ball Chair, Jan spearheaded a successful fundraising event and brought her firm’s resources to bear through financial, administrative and planning support.

The Ball had a great turnout and our live auction was the most successful one on record.

For that, and for the many months of event planning and corporate sponsorship recruitment, we are truly grateful.


Friend of Pro Bono

24th Judicial District Court Judges for their support and ongoing partnership with The Pro Bono Project



 50+ Hours of Pro Bono Service

Brian Brickman

Jessica Burns

Suzanna Craig

Sandra Diggs-Miller

Stephen I. Dwyer

Phil A Franco

Christopher Freire

Meredith Grabill

Dorothie Laguerre

Randy Marse

Addy Morales

Alex Rothenberg

John Shreves

Sandra Sinclair

Charlene Smith


Lauren Pilie

Daniel Plunkett

KristiA. Post

Andrea Potter

Kyle Potts

Rhett Powers

E. Frederick Preis

Steven Prejean

Anne Provosty

Chris Ralston

Russell B. Ramsey

Madeline Rea

Patrick Reagin

Daniel Redmann

Denise Redmann

Suellen Richardson

T. Randolph Richardson, Esq.

Martijn Rigutto

Wendy Hickok Robinson

Lisa Robinson

Malcolm Robinson

JamesT. Rogers

Lauren Rogers

John Romero

Miguel Romero

Mary Frances Rosamond

Samuel Rosamond

James Scott Ruel

Maurice Ruffin

Matthew Russo

Dana Sansone

Christian Sauce

Rachel Scarafia

Claude A. Schlesinger

Ryan Schmidt

Courtney Schroeder

Hugh Seligman

Gary Sells

William Sentell

Tracy Shanks

J. Sheppard

Sidney L. Shushan

Jonathan Shushan, Esq.

David Silverstein

Victoria Simosa

Katy Sinor

Jasmine Smith

Ian Smith

Tiffany Smith

Monica Smith

Kimberly Smith

Sarah Smith-Clevenger

David Stein

Sean Steinman

Roger Stetter

Charles Stiegler

Burke Stough

A. Wendel Stout

Christopher Stow-Serge

Nate Strand

Dalisha Sturdivant

Tina Suggs

Molly Sullivan

Mark Surprenant

Margaret Swetman

Paul Tabary

Mary Taylor

Leloashia Taylor

Georgia Thomas

Brooke Thompson

Alex Tilling

Nicholas Tomlinson

Katherine Tovar

Dan Tran

Grace Triche

Charlotte Tsui

Michael Tusa

Scott Umberger

Sara Valentine

Heather Valliant

Roland Vandenweghe

Coby Venable

Paul Villalobos

Collin Wade

Ralph H. Wall

Daniel Walter

Peter J. Wanek

Yu Wang

Kolby Warren

Jazz Washington

Pascale Watson

Gerald Webre

Christopher Weema

Samantha Weidner

Rachel Wenzel

Harold Wheelahan

Billie Wheeler Wray

Carl V. Williams

Cindy Williams

Brett Willie

Christopher Wilson

Lena Wong

Zachary Wool

William Wright

Katherine Wyly

Douglass Wynne

Laurie Briggs Young

Jacob Young

Joseph Yurgil

Victoria Zamora

Yi Zhao

Marie Zisa