The Pro Bono Project is grateful for the generous financial and in-kind support to all our donors from the smallest to the largest. In particular, the following organizations and individuals currently support our Mission.

Major Donors

Program Donors


Justice For All Ball 

Major Donors: JFAB 2017


Supporting Donors: JFAB 2017


We continue to have hundreds of supporting donors each year and gratefully acknowledge their donations. See all Supporting Donors.


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Recognition Donors

Thank you for your generous contribution to The Pro Bono Project given in memory, celebration, or recognition of a colleague, family member/loved one or event and we acknowledge this special gift of giving here for the next thirty days.

In-Kind Donors

The Pro Bono Project receives in-kind services from hundreds of businesses, organizations and individuals during the course of every year. Without these in-kind donations The Project would not exist. We gratefully acknowledge these donors for providing their services and expertise to support The Project's Mission.