From Our Executive Director: Serving Our Clients

I’m still processing what happened on Election Night, and I am sure that you are too.

There’s been a nervous buzz in the legal services community about what the changes in Washington could mean for our legal work. It is possible that there may be drastic cuts to legal aid funding lines.

There also could be some policy changes put into effect that impact our clients’ lives – whether that means cuts to welfare programs, access to healthcare coverage, or other basic rights.

While a lot of that is still uncertain, what is clear is that social justice work is more important now than ever.

Our clients rely on pro bono civil legal representation to help them access justice and the civil court system. They don’t have the money or resources to afford paid counsel. Our clients depend on pro bono representation to help them obtain a custody order or a divorce, resolve an estate matter or avoid deportation to a country swept up in violence and turmoil.

Pro bono lawyers can have a tremendous impact on someone’s life – their volunteer commitment can literally alter the course of a client’s life.

In this time of change, I ask that you re-dedicate yourself to the cause of social justice work and to the mission of The Project. Please consider taking a pro bono case from us and helping out a neighbor in need. Attend a CLE, volunteer at a clinic or the JDC’s self-help desk, be a mentor for other volunteer lawyers – all of these help to provide access to justice for those less fortunate within our community.

As we head into the holiday season where everyone is giving thanks and exchanging gifts, please think about making your gift count. You can make a donation in someone’s name to our organization, specify a program you want your contribution to go to, or just make a gift – no matter which you choose, that money will go toward providing civil legal services for a person in need within our metro community.

We need social justice champions now more than ever. Thank you for your continued support and belief in our mission.  

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Jennifer Rizzo-Choi Executive Director

Jennifer Rizzo-Choi
Executive Director