When Age and Illness Meet Legal - Anything Is Possible

Manuel* came to the clinic needing help – not medical but legal help.

He is 76 years old and has been a legal permanent resident for many years. Now, he wants to become a citizen, but he’s been afraid to apply. Because of his age and some medical conditions, he does not think he will be able to complete the exam portion of the citizenship process. 

He was seeking an attorney to help him with the citizenship application process, and to see if there was any aid available to him for his age and medical conditions.  

Thanks to the Medical-Legal Partnership, The Pro Bono Project was there and able to help him. The case was accepted by volunteer attorney Kathy Lambert of Stephenson, Chavarri & Lambert, LLC, who will work with Manuel throughout the legal process. His dream of becoming a citizen is now hopefully a realistic possibility.

In his conversations with The Project’s staff attorney for the MLP, Patricia Guzman-Weema, he expressed his gratitude for the service the MLP is providing and the ability to speak to her at a convenient location, such as his Daughters of Charity primary care clinic.

“This is proof that part of the goal of the project - making civil legal aid more accessible to patients is greatly needed and appreciated by those we serve,” said Pat.

*Client name changed to protect confidentiality.