The Ball That Never Was

I was the Chair of the JFAB in 2005 when Katrina hit our city. Our Committee did all the necessary work leading up to the Ball, all the money was in, and all we needed to do was enjoy the Ball itself. Then Katrina struck the area, and the Ball was canceled. People’s response was great - no one wanted their money back because the Ball never occurred.

When we were starting to plan for the 2006 Ball, I asked Rachel [then Executive Director] who was going to be the Chair of the JFAB for that year. Much to my surprise, she said, with a big smile on her face, that I was because I never finished the job since we didn’t actually have the Ball. Oh well … so I had the “pleasure” of being Ball Chair for two years in a row.

Mark Surprenant, Chair
17th Annual JFAB, 2005 and 18th Annual JFAB, 2006

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