Giving Back

For me, becoming involved in The Pro Bono Project and the Justice For All Ball began as a way, in the wake of Katrina, to contribute to efforts to rebuild and rejuvenate a city I love.

The Pro Bono Project afforded me a way to work alongside other New Orleanians as committed as I was to the city’s restoration. What began as simple volunteer work led to board service, to co-chairing a Justice for All Ball and, ultimately, to chairing The Project. 

Now, as I reflect on those years of service, I realize that I was the real beneficiary of my engagement. For it was in the course of working with The Project’s extraordinarily dedicated staff, its committees, and its many volunteers who are so generous with their time and energy that I have made so many wonderful and lasting friendships—friendships that represent what truly makes New Orleans such a special place.

- Norm Rubenstein, Co-Chair
with Michael DePetrillo

26th Annual Justice For All Ball, 2014

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Photo: (l to r): Norm Rubenstein, Michael DePetrillo, The Honorable Nanette Brown, Marcus Brown