Spreading the Love: A Volunteer's Story

Mark Surprenant, Esq. Adams & Reese

Mark Surprenant, Esq.
Adams & Reese

Congratulations goes out to Adams & Reese's Mark Surprenant who posted his volunteer story on The Project's Facebook page and received the most 'likes' for his sharing.  As promised, Mark won the two tickets to the 2014 Justice For All Ball and the choice of a raffle prize, and promptly donated all of it back to The Project to put to good use.

"Given my strong connection to Loyola University College of Law, I suggest that Rachel contact Dean Maria Lopez at the appropriate time and inform her that I would like my two tickets to go to those two Loyola Law students who have shown through their actions a sincere interest in, enthusiasm for and desire to fulfill the Mission of The Pro Bono Project in terms of providing excellent, civil pro bono legal services to needy individuals and families in our community," said Mark's email. 

Why does Mark volunteer his time and talents to The Project? Here's his story ...

As a lawyer, I realize how truly blessed I am in so many respects. Handling pro bono cases provides me with a very meaningful opportunity to show my appreciation for what I have received through my service to others. Some of the most memorable experiences I have ever had as a lawyer over the past 37 years have come from my successful handling of a matter for a genuinely appreciative pro bono client. At the end of our legal careers, we all want to be able to look back and say that we used our talents and financial resources to the fullest extent to help others in need. I can think of no better way to do that as a lawyer than through reaching out and taking on a pro bono case.

We're always looking for success stories from our volunteers about why they give us their time, skills and often, their financial support.  If you want to share your story with The Project for use in a future post on our website or Facebook page, please send it in an email to info@probono-no.org and place 'Volunteer Success Story' in the subject line.