Helping Us Open Doors in 2015

People are always asking us, “If your attorneys are volunteers, why do you need my year-end donation?”  It’s a great question.  Here’s the answer: 

Every year hundreds of lawyers generously donate their time to help the underserved residents of six Louisiana parishes with challenges that involve potentially complex and costly legal issues. The issues are as diverse as the clients themselves, and the lawyers who step up to help them are our local heroes.

Without The Project, many of our fellow citizens would have no place to turn for justice.

But making sure they have access to these legal services involves opening many doors, such as making certain the client meets The Pro Bono Project criteria, finding the right attorney to pair with each client, connecting the client and the volunteer lawyer, following the case and supporting both the client and volunteer, and closing the files properly when the case is over.

That’s what The Project does. Without us, many of those connections wouldn’t be made.
We do it thousands of times each year. At the same time, we also staff community civil
legal clinics and provide ongoing legal education to our volunteers.

Through your annual year-end contribution, you unlock the door to The Project for those who need us.

With the volume of cases we handle – more than 1400 annually – and the other services we provide, we don’t often have the time to spotlight The Project’s achievements. If we did, however, this is what you would read:

“Woman Recovers $20,000 From Fraudulent Contractor”
The Project’s volunteer attorney presents first payment
three days before Christmas

“Woman Wins Custody for Daughter against Deadbeat Dad”
Case open and shut by The Project’s volunteer

“Young Boy Gets His Wish to Live with Grandparents after Being Caught in Single Mom’s Custody Battle”
All in a day’s work for The Project’s staff CINC Attorney

Without The Project to bring together the client and the volunteer attorney and to manage the case, these clients and many more might have knocked on The Project’s door and found it locked.

But, thanks to you and your financial support, we opened that door for the more than 2,200 people involved in our 2015 cases, enhancing a lot of lives and communities in the six-parish area we serve.

So, in a nutshell, that’s where your year-end money goes.

The need only continues to grow. Thank you for helping us in the past, and as the year comes to a close, we ask that you please be generous in your donation this year. In doing so, you become one of our heroes!

Happy Holidays to all!

P.S.  There are many ways to give to The Project, including cash, check, credit card and securely online through JustGive.

Please mail or deliver checks to: The Pro Bono Project, 615 Baronne Street, Suite 203
New Orleans, LA 70113.

One of the most tax-efficient ways to give is by donating appreciated securities to
The Project: you receive an immediate tax deduction for the full market value of the
stock and avoid the capital gains tax you would owe by cashing in the securities.
If you would like to make a donation of appreciated securities, please email
The Project office
or call 504.581.4043.

Download the Pledge Card for mailing, faxing, in-person delivery or to be contacted.