Art For Justice’s Sake Continues

Today’s Tales of the Ball, Art For Justice’s Sake, tells the story of the artists, graphic designers, illustrators, and photographers who have played an essential role in the Justice For All Ball since the very beginning. This amazing group has brought the cause of justice to life through their creative talents in our invitations and original artwork. One picture sometimes is worth a thousand words.

Local artist Sharika Mahdi is now among this group of creative heroes. Like her many predecessors, she will bring us an inspiring view of justice through her painting of Lady Justice for our 30th anniversary Ball. We think you’ll want to grab it before somebody outbids you!

Why We Chose Sharika

As you’ll see in our Tales of the Ball entry today – the one thing that all of our artist over the years have in common, besides their love for New Orleans, is their passion for justice. That should be no surprised as art has often been the media that has often spoken up for those tormented by injustice and inequality. Sharika, too, mirrors these same sentiments.

“This painting is my contribution to the cause of justice and equality and its relevance to the current political and social climate of our culture and country today,” says the artist.

About The Artist

Sharika Mahdi and her art.

Sharika Mahdi and her art.

Sharika Mahdi grew up in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward. She embraced art early in her childhood and spent much of her free time singing and drawing. When she reached high school, she discovered painting.

Art classes became the platform that united her with the world-renowned art guild, Young Aspirations/Young Artists or YAYA, founded and nurtured by New Orleans’ Jana Napoli. YAYA provide her with the training and exposure to art throughout the United States and the world.  

Since then, Sharika has grown into a highly accomplished artist showcasing her work worldwide, and prized by collectors in throughout the United States, Canada, and Africa. Currently, she continues to create new art and teaches for the Talented Art program at St. Charles Parish Schools.

Read more about Sharika. View Sharika’s art gallery.

“We are delighted that Sharika is creating our 30th anniversary painting and thrilled to introduce this talented artist to our supporters. We recently saw her preliminary sketch and are so excited by how she’s incorporated the mission of The Project and the celebration of the Justice For All into her artwork. We can’t wait to see to see the final painting, which we’ll have in time for the auction at the Ball. We hope everyone will embrace Sharika, as she has embraced us,” says Executive Director CC Kahr.

Join us at JFAB 2018 to see Sharika's art and so much more, which we'll feature for this year's auction and raffle. Buy sponsorships and tickets now, and view auction items at JFAB 2018.

Read today’s Tales of the Ball, Art For Justice’s Sake.