Volunteer Attorney Meredith Grabill Featured

The Project’s volunteer attorney, Meredith Grabill was featured in the November issue of Biz New Orleans talking pro bono.

The story by local writer/video blogcaster and Biz liaison for WWL/WUPL Leslie Snadowsky gives an insider’s look at the pro bono work done by Meredith and the many legal and lay professionals who contribute pro bono time and talent to The Project!

Meredith, of course, is no stranger to The Project. She has been featured a few times in our own In Brief and across our website.

In 2015, she was the profiled in an In Brief story, Volunteers Make It Happen published for National Volunteer Week, April 12-15. That same year, she received a Distinguished Service Award at the Volunteer Recognition Awards in December for her work in a particularly sad child custody case, among others. In 2016, she contributed more than 50 hours and was honored in the 50+ Hours category at the annual Volunteer Recognition Awards.

Our thanks to Meredith for continuing to champion the cause of access to civil justice through her work with The Project and in this most recent story.