Spreading the Love: A Volunteer's Story

We celebrated National Volunteer Week by asking for our volunteers to share their stories with us through our Facebook page.  This was a first for us and our thanks to all who posted or read the various posts about Spread the Love on Facebook.  Check out the full story to see who won.

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Spread The Love: Celebrate National Volunteer Week April 6-12, 2014

At The Project, we're always finding ways to applaud and celebrate our volunteers. Without them, it would be impossible to fulfill our mission to the metro New Orleans community. They give their dollars, time and skills as lawyers, paralegals and other professionals to help us open the door to the civil legal system for countless men, women and children of all ages, who otherwise would be unable to access justice.

But, just what do our volunteers get in return besides a heartfelt 'thanks'??

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