Today is my day! From beginning to end, I have a life of my own.

Over the last 30 days, you have watched me take shape through the tales of the people and places that have made up my life so far - 30 years now. From artists to restaurateurs, from business and legal organizations and professionals, from volunteers to clients – all of these and so many more show up on this one Friday night.

Today is my day, but not really. Today belongs to others. Today, I am the symbol which speaks for all those who are unable to speak for themselves – not just those here in the parishes that I serve – but everywhere. Justice knows no bounds – without justice for everyone, there is no justice for anyone.

Today, those who provide access to justice come together for those who have little or no access to justice. Tonight, we party and celebrate our mission and our successes together. Tomorrow we go back to work for the cause of providing civil legal justice for all who need it but can’t afford it. Our efforts here have purpose and meaning for those we have served, and those we haven’t met yet

Today, I am the Justice For All Ball – proud and beautiful, balancing the scales of Lady Justice for all to see. Tomorrow, I am a memory. The need and the work continues, no matter what. Thank you for telling my story.

Please help us to continue to fulfill our mission of providing civil legal services to those in a six-parish area who need representation and cannot afford a lawyer by attending the JFAB.

Celebrate more than just our JFAB Big 30 and purchase a sponsorship or tickets at JFAB 2018 or, if you can’t attend, by making a donation at DONATE JFAB.

The silent auction is now open. Bid online until 10:30 pm at SILENT AUCTION.

If you have pictures from the early years of the JFAB, 1989 to 2004, please send them to CC Kahr. Likewise, if you have a client or JFAB story to share, please send it to CC Kahr

Photo Stack: Lady Justice 2018 by artist Sharika Mahdi to be auctioned live at the 2018 JFAB