It's Who We Do It All For

As we come to the eve of our last Tales of the Ball post, it’s only fitting to remember why the Justice For All Ball is significant for The Pro Bono Project – it allows us to continue providing civil legal services to those in need in a six-parish area.

Our clients are real people with civil legal issues that often are daunting to them. No matter how much fun the JFAB is for everyone – behind every sponsorship or ticket sold, every donated auction or raffle prize won, every taste of food and drink is the survival of someone in our community who needs a lawyer and can’t afford to hire one.

So, as you party, place auction bids, and buy raffle tickets on Friday evening, we hope you’ll remember exactly who we do it all for – our clients.

Argentina Bound. Not!

Two small children lost their mother to cancer. Soon after, the children were removed from their father’s home due to abuse. The father, who is now incarcerated, faces deportation to Argentina.

The children were placed with foster parents who are eager to adopt the children. But, they were challenged by the paternal grandmother, who wanted to bring the children to Argentina, a place they have never been, and where they would again be under the control of their father, the perpetrator in the case, who eventually will be deported to his home country.

The Project’s attorney argued strongly on behalf of the children, who are both U.S. citizens. As a result of our actions, the court acted in the best interest of the children, and we were able to prevent them from being given over to the custody of their paternal grandmother in Argentina.

Please help us continue to fulfill our mission of providing civil legal services to those in a six-parish area who need representation and cannot afford a lawyer by attending the JFAB.

Celebrate more than just our JFAB Big 30 and purchase a sponsorship or tickets at JFAB 2018 or, if you can’t attend, by making a donation at DONATE JFAB.

If you have pictures from the early years of the JFAB, 1989 to 2004, please send them to CC Kahr. Likewise, if you have a client or JFAB story to share, please send it to CC Kahr