Cocktails of the Ball

One of the things people like to do at the Justice For All Ball is drink. A few years ago, the JFAB raised it to an art with the creation of specialty cocktails. Yes, after years of wines and beers – the cocktail has re-emerged as the ‘it’ drink.

Now, don’t ask us for the recipes – some of them truly were creations from scratch – others were clever modifications of known cocktails. For instance, local mixologist, Abigail Gullo, then at SoBou now at Compère Lapin, turned a plain old Tom Collins into a Cumberbatch Collins to toast the modern version of Sherlock Holmes played by actor Benedict Cumberbatch for JFAB 2014.

We’ve often played on words, people, or themes around the legal profession or Ball to create fun names that add to the evening’s entertainment. Here are the ones we found in our archives. Feel free to leave a comment below if you remember any others we may have missed.

  • Legal-Ease (JFAB 2013)

  • The Slip & Fall

  • The Summer-y Judgement

  • Justice for All Hi-Ball

  • The Chaser

  • The Peacocktail (JFAB 2016)

The 2018 Cocktails

This year we’re celebrating with specialty cocktails at both the Patron Party and Ball – so no one will miss out on this jolly tradition. Be sure to ask for them by name.

Patron Party attendees will be greeted with the French 300, a take on a French 75 to celebrate New Orleans’ Tricentennial. Ball partiers will be treated to the Big 30 Old Fashioned in honor of our Honorary Chair, Calvin C. Fayard, Jr. who just loves the classic Old Fashioned.

Come enjoy either or both Cocktails of the Ball with us this year and raise your glass to toast our Big 30! À votre santé!

For a little fun, read “How to Say Cheers in French and Avoid 7 Years of Bad Luck!”

Make a toast to celebrate more than just our JFAB Big 30 by purchasing sponsorships or tickets at JFAB 2018 or, if you can’t attend, by making a donation at DONATE JFAB.

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