Look Who's Talking

Getting the word out about the Justice For All Ball is critical to its success. As the Ball has ‘aged’ we’ve moved from printing and snail mailing 10,000 invitations to sending more than 12,000 electronic e-vites.

Before the advent of digital media, we had only a few ways to promote the Ball - by word of mouth, an occasional reminder postcard, or a few ads in local publications. The invitation was the primary source of all information about the Ball until you actually got to the Ball.

However, one constant over the years has been the news media. The Project has been fortunate enough to appear on all the local television channels at one time or another, along with quite a few radio stations. Folks like Angela Hill, Juli Miller Hart, Sally Ann Roberts, Eric Paulsen, Nancy Parker, Jack Hopke, Walt Pierce (in his broadcast days) and many, many others, along with their behind the scenes producers and news directors, have helped us shout about the Ball and The Project’s mission.

Honorary Chairs, Ball Committee chairs, Board members and the Executive Director have always been our main spokespersons. Bands, chefs and other ‘entertaining’ parts of the Ball have also appeared on our behalf cooking up their planned Ball dish or playing a hit parade of dance music to enliven an early morning broadcast.

In print, Nell Nolan, Sue Strachan, the late Betty Guillard, the folks at St. Charles Avenue and New Orleans Magazines, Gambit, CityBusiness and so many others gave, and continue to give us wonderful pre- and post-ball memoirs and photos - thanks to their and our photographers - to remind us, particularly in the days before the Internet, of the wonderful times we’ve had at the Ball.

Online supporters such as Brett and Cheryl Bauman and the team at New Orleans Local and the many electronic/print/broadcast calendar listings help us expand awareness to new audiences and visitors.

Watch/listen to past broadcast interviews.

In addition to guest appearances and newspaper coverage, media partners have provided ads at no or low cost to The Project to help us get folks excited about coming out for a fabulous party.

Just as it requires a pretty big group of people to pull the physical Ball together, so too, does it take a lot of talking. Whether on TV and radio, in print, and now via social media, email, and websites – we want to make sure the Audubon Tea Room is filled on Ball night with people who wish to party for a good cause! The news media in all its forms has been a big part of that success.

Look who’s talking? You! Spread the word!

Come party for a great cause and celebrate more than just our JFAB Big 30 by purchasing sponsorships or tickets at JFAB 2018 or, if you can’t attend, by making a donation at DONATE JFAB.

If you have pictures from the early years of the JFAB, 1989 to 2004, please send them to CC Kahr. Likewise, if you have a client or JFAB story to share, please send it to CC Kahr

Photo Stack: WDSU, Saturday Morning News’ Christina Watkins with Lacey Rochester and Sharonda Williams on Saturday, 22 September 2018