Art For Justice's Sake

Original art has been a hallmark of the Justice For All Ball since the very first Ball. Fine artists, graphic designers, illustrators, and photographers have all used their gifts, talents and skills to help The Pro Bono Project provide access to civil justice for all.

From fine artist Lee Tucker in 1989 to graphic designers Sequena Luckett and Arron Pighee, and fine artist
Sharika Mahdi in 2018 - our art has been created by artists in locales across the world - New Orleans, Chicago, New York, and Venice, Italy. No matter where they’ve lived or how vastly different their styles - our artists share some common threads: they love New Orleans, and they willingly express their passion for justice through their art.

Read about JFAB 2018 artist, Sharika Mahdi here.

There is no amount of thanks that we can offer to the creative group of individuals who have helped us express ourselves in so many unique and colorful ways.

Below, we picture a sampling of invitation covers in tribute to all the artists who contributed their “art for justice’s sake.” Where known we have listed the artist, designer, illustrator, or photographer.

We wish to especially note two of our creative talents who have left us:

  • Artist, designer, and illustrator, Robert Guthrie. Robert created the colorful painting of Lady Justice for the 24th Annual JFAB in 2012, passed away unexpectedly just two years after designing our invitation. We used Robert’s art on the JFAB 2018 temporary banners while we waited for the design of the 2018 invitation. You can read more about Robert here.

  • Graphic designer and artist, Linda Rockefeller JFAB 2003-2013. Linda never created the art for our invitation, but she was the graphic designer who created the simple square accordion fold used for so many years, which streamlined the invitation package. She also managed the printing and mailing of the invitation during those years.

Linda passed away in 2012 after a four-year battle with ALS. For the last two years of her life, she could not physically design the layout of the invitation. Instead, she directed her daughter, Erin, by voice from her wheelchair. In 2013, Erin completed the invitation layout for us using her mother’s previous designs.

If you have a JFAB story to share, please send it to CC Kahr

Photo SIdebar: (top) Robert Guthrie; (bottom) Martha Allen

Photo Grid: (l to r) Top row: Lee Tucker, unknown, unknown, unknown; Second Row: Tony Green, unknown, Tony Green, unknown; Third row:Craig Bloodworth; unknown; unknown; Patty Adams; Fourth row: Terrance Osborne; Garland Robinette; Tony Green; J. Stirling Barrett; Michael Guidry; Charlyne Fabi; Amy Henry Centola; Diana Asmar