Beautiful Spaces

The Patron Party is a special part of the Justice For All Ball that began a few years after the first Ball. Unlike other organizations, which often host their patron party on an evening preceding their event, The Pro Bono Project did it just a little different by hosting it immediately before the Ball. In doing so, it gave those in attendance a brief preview of the evening to come, which is filled with camaraderie, dining, drinking, and dancing.

Today, we pay tribute to the many lovely places and the many hosts who opened their homes or other spaces to the Patron Party over the 30 years. Often times, the Honorary Chairs or the JFAB Committee Chair provided the location for the party, or we found an elegant setting elsewhere.

From Uptown to Downtown, we’ve worked hard to keep the Patron Party as close to wherever we held the Ball – sometimes within walking distance, and often times, when neighborhood parking was scarce, using a donated limo service to move people between the Patron Party and the Ball. Here are just some of the lovely locations where the Patron Party has been held.

  • An elegant pair of penthouses overlooking St. Charles Avenue, next door to Gallier Hall

  • An open, breezy rooftop party room overlooking Audubon Park and the Mississippi River

  • Beautiful homes, gardens, and patios on Audubon Place, Soniat Street, and Calhoun Street

  • The lovely Pavilion of the Two Sisters, and adjacent Zemurrray Azalea/Camellia Gardens at CIty Park

  • The New Orleans Pelican’s Training Facility

  • The Creole-designed Audubon Clubhouse opening onto the Park and Golf Course

  • Within the grounds of Audubon Park and the Audubon Tea Room

With food often provided by Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Commander’s Palace, Peche, and many other top-notch restaurants, soft background music from small jazz, blues or classical groups, and when in walking distance, second-lines and marching bands, the Patron Party has provided just the warm-up needed for the Ball’s high-energy evening of fun.

We extend our deepest thanks collectively to the many individuals and couples who have hosted the Patron Party and to the JFAB Committee members who put together these elegant soirees each year.

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