Two Is A Magic Number

I first became involved with The Pro Bono Project as a volunteer attorney early in my legal career. I volunteered as a member of the Ball Committee upon the urging of two past Board and Ball Chairs. 

Back then, the Ball Committee was a testing ground of its members’ commitment to the mission of The Project for those interested in serving on the Board. (The Ball Committee still serves this purpose.)

Eventually, I did serve on the Board, and am one of only three people who had the great honor of chairing the Ball Committee twice (2004 and 2008). (Lindsey Ladouceur, 1998 and 2000, and Mark Surprenant, 2005 and 2006, are the others – both whose first Ball was canceled because of weather – see the posts Weathering the Weather and The Ball That Never Was.)

Besides being involved in an organization that positively affects the lives of the underserved members of our community, I had the pleasure of meeting and serving with some of the most professional, dedicated, and caring members of the legal community.

Throughout my years on the Ball Committee and the Board, it was great fun to be right in the heart of what was happening at The Project! 

- Justin Woods, Chair
16th Annual JFAB, 2004, and 20th Annual JFAB 2008

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Photo Stack: Invitations JFAB 2004 and JFAB 2008, Justin Woods and friends

Photo Grid: JFAB 2008, Gallier Hall