Case Closed

As we share the fun stories of the Justice For All Ball (JFAB), we also want to honor our hard-working volunteer attorneys and other legal professionals by opening the doors on the many different types of clients and cases that The Pro Bono Project handles.

It is our clients who benefit the most from the JFAB - the Ball provides more than one-third of our funding and makes the real successes possible.

Child In Need of Care: Case Closed

In a home with three children, a same-sex couple began to argue, and the police removed the children from the home. Once placed in foster care, the biological mother came forward to admit that the children were in need of care, but not to the allegations set forth.

The Department of Children and Family Services began working with the biological mother on a case plan, which is a series of meetings and requirements the parent must abide by in order to be reunited with their children. 

Over the course of several months, the mother ended the relationship with the abusive partner, and completed all of the case plan goals. 

In court, the judge applauded her dedication to her children and how pleased the court was with her progress. Her children were returned to her care and the matter was closed.

This case might not have had such a happy ending without The Project, its staff and volunteers. You can help us continue to fulfill our mission of providing civil legal services to those in a six-parish area who need representation and cannot afford a lawyer by attending the JFAB.

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