Ball Peeps

Who goes to the Justice For All Ball?

Well, just about everyone in the legal, judicial, and access to justice community, plus business supporters, and all of those who believe in the mission of The Pro Bono Project – to make certain that all residents have access to the civil justice system.

Today, we pay tribute to all those who have attended the Ball and celebrate them in pictures. How many people do you recognize? We have hundreds of photos and have chosen just a small selection from 12 years of JFABs.

We also want to pay special tribute to all those – individuals, businesses and organizations - that have attended the Ball for the entire 30 years – that’s a major commitment of time and funds. We hope to see you again this year!

With two weeks left to go, you can still buy tickets and sponsorships at JFAB TIX. See everyone soon and enjoy today’s photo memories!

- The Pro Bono Project
JFAB Photo Archives, 2006-2012

BTW – If you have pictures from the early years of the JFAB, 1989 to 2004, please send them to CC Kahr. Likewise, if you have a client or JFAB story to share, please send it to CC Kahr

Photo grid: Photos from JFAB 2006 through 2017. Thanks to the following photographers: Walt Pierce, Robert Fleischman, George Long, Steve Sabrier, Marianne Hawkins Sabrier, Joanna Broussard