JFAB 2018 Update: Partners Make It Easy

We heard you!

This year, The Pro Bono Project is partnering with Thompson Auctions, and their platform partner, 501 Auctions, to handle all the event ticketing and bidding for the auction.

If you've attended the Justice For All Ball for the past several years, you're familiar with Patrick and Gerry Thompson, who have provided our auction bidding services.

To make the entire ticketing and auction process seamless and easy, we've extended our partnership with the Thompsons to include the sale of individual and combo tickets, as well as sponsorships right on the same website as auction registration. It's live and ready to go - check it out at JFAB 2018.

We're also using electronic invitations as we did last year, working once again with Event Kingdom, and linking directly from the e-invitation to our ticketing website. We'll also mail a limited number of printed invitations.

Post-ball photos and other information will remain on our website at JFAB 2018, and pre-ball, you can access the link to ticketing directly from the JFAB 2018 page.

We're still working on many aspects of this special 30th Anniversary JFAB, and we'll have regular updates on the website, and our Facebook page. For all the details to date, read our previous article at JFAB 2018 Rockin' and Rollin'.